Day 6: Stay in the Loop

Day 6 Action:


The official seal of the United States Congress Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Staying active and ready for action means knowing what actions are already in the works, yes? No one can tell you it’s an alternative fact when you get it straight from the horses…mouth.

Today, quickly create and customize an account at to keep up to date on legislation, representatives and the general happenings of Congress that might escape your notice, and that of the media’s.

Make the notifications your own, specific to what is important to you.

Maybe you want to stay abreast of any of the health care legislation, or abortion, or guns. Really get a kick out of their “fun” names for them – like the Safe Student Act – which wants to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990…

I’d like to put something more upbeat in there for you- but they didn’t have any bills concerning “puppies” or “kittens.”

Extra Credit: Have some creative fun with your password – think of your favorite protest sign, or chant from this weekend!

A 2 minute and 56 second video, without sound, on creating and using Congress email alerts.  (It took me less time to create one than watch it)

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