Day 7: State Actions – South hit hard by Tornados

Day 7 Action:


Destruction where a mobile home stood the day before in Albany, Ga.  Photo credit: The Albany Herald

The political happenings of the past few days can have you so wrapped up in the national movement that you’ve forgotten Nana’s birthday, or to fill up the car with gas… or to sleep… but what it shouldn’t do is make us forget our country”men” in dire need.

It isn’t just about sticking it to the man. Being a citizen of action means making actions that affect American’s lives for the better – and today that may mean remembering that the several communities in the South were hit terribly hard, January 21-23, by tornadoes that have left massive destruction and loss. In particular: Albany, Georgia and the Pine Belt in Mississippi are truly in need this week; and maybe you can help.

The Details:

The Weather Channel’s detail on where and how hard these tornadoes hit.

The Clarion-Ledger’s coverage of the devastation in the Pine Belt in Mississippi.

The Albany Herald’s main site with ongoing coverage.

The Donations:

Donate to Operation Blessing: These donations go directly to the Georgia Tornado victims.
*Operation Blessing is ranked by Forbes as one of the top 6 most efficient charities.

The Salvation Army of Albany, Georgia (see articles in the Albany Herald of how they have been active and on site.

The Clarion-Ledger’s list of local and national charities that will donate to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

***While these charities listed have been reported to be actively and directly supporting these communities, as is always- please do your own research on whether or not a particular charity is right for you.

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