Day 10: Acts of Kindness Sundays

This world, we’re living in, is certainly seeing some interesting times. And if yours is anything like the families of WKTB, your own home may not even be exempt from the the stress of it all.  So along with Sweet and Simple Saturdays, we’re instituting Acts of Kindness Sundays and maybe the karma will rub off on all of us – and everyone will take a few deep breaths; if only once a week.

We also encourage you to visit the Happy Heartbeats page, as this may aid in resetting your zen clock and keeping your inspiration for Goodness going.

Acts of Kindness Sunday Action:


Send a little love –
National Zoo, Otter-Style
(if otters used phones)
Photo Credit: JL

Take a few deep breaths… remember the real and meaningful anchors in your life. Now pick up the phone and actually CALL one of them. Check in with them and see how they’ve fared this week. Ask questions pertinent to their lives. Ask how their kids are, remind them that they have children, (this week some of us may have misplaced that information, however briefly) that they are beautiful and talented, (maybe the kids are too) and remind them that you love them, and they’ll probably do the same. And after you hang up, take a few more deep breaths and think – “Gee, I’m lucky to know that person, they make my heart smile.”

Happy Sunday!

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