Day 17: Acts of Kindness Sundays

Day 17 Action:

If you have something nice to say… say it.

The past two weeks have made it only too easy to spew a string of frustrated, angry, bitter, indignant and horrible nastiness (maybe that’s just us?). Which, may be cathartic in doses, but takes a toll on your insides (and perhaps personal relationships) when prolonged for a period of time. Similar to a lengthy stay in space and the cost it can have on you mentally and physically, the amount of negativity that has (just possibly) been launching outwards, from within you, these past several weeks (months/years?) is not doing you or your loved ones any- good.

So today try to think twice before you begin a lambasting tirade on the group currently occupying The White House and The Hill. Instead, think of something nice to notice about your loved ones: “Thanks for being so great this week while I screamed like a crazy person about the world down the phone/into your really lovely face.” Or even to a stranger: “I like your glasses! ; Nice shoes!; I really dig your RESIST sticker!”

Take a breath and say something (or a few things) nice today. To others and yourself.

Because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggonit- people like you … or they would if you’d just stop screaming about the President for five minutes.


(Seriously, have you been watching C-span?)

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