Day 18: Learn about HR490

Day 18 Action:

Good Morning Campers! And by that, we mean it feels like; two-weeks ago, our parents dropped us off at some sort of Lord of the Flies, parallel universe where several very badly behaved, out of touch, and extremely narrow-minded children are running the island…

We like to start your week off with a chipper note, here at WKTB.

So HR490. It was introduced January 12 and is now with the Judiciary Committee. It has been dubbed The Heartbeat Bill. Aww – well, that sounds like something I could get behind, right? WRONG. #DontBitetheHype Kittens. For those unfamiliar, each “team” in the House tries to come up with really media-gripping names for bills, rightfully so. We all love Obamacare much more than The Affordable Care Act, yes? So, instead of “The ban ALL abortions at 6.5 weeks (or earlier), when most women don’t even know they are pregnant yet- but this is the earliest that a fetal heartbeat can be detected – Bill.” They name it something that will stick to the core of the passionate, and righteous as well as the uneducated, or ignorant, or those without the time to do full research (which both “teams” are guilty of on all accounts).

Let us pause here and say-that this is a (indescribably) sticky issue- one that no one “likes.” And, of course, if you are against abortions, you aren’t necessarily uneducated etc, as above. We’d also like to acknowledge that this is a very complex and heated issue with many layers and players. But today we’re just talking about HR490 and how it’s being presented to the public. 

So if you happen to fall into any of the categories above and then believe what the people at the are telling you and you don’t do any scientific research as to what “the first fetal heartbeat” means. Then, from their marketing material (below), they would have you believe that you’re a hero, saving babies from being aborted at 6 months or more… because no woman, or fetus, has ever looked like this at 6.5 weeks.

These are the postcards being sent to Congress via 


That woman is 7-9 mo. pregnant


That is a full born baby.


Most 3/4-D Sonos are at 27-28 WEEKS. So, this is most likely a SEVEN month old fetus.











So this is the message being sent to the heartland of America. The ones who will spend $60 to send these postcards to every member of Congress supporting this bill, which is the campaign currently in process and going full steam ahead. So we thought you should know about that and know a few other things too:

Actions and Organization:


See – that wasn’t SO bad right? Tomorrow, maybe we’ll talk about puppies… everyone likes puppies right?

Photo Credit: Schoolhouse Rock

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