Day 19: Huddle Up!

Day 19 Action:

Now that we’ve all spent the last 19 days spreading The Resistance on Facebook, Twitter Instagram et al; we’ve called our reps (and others); we’ve downloaded apps and engaged in new social media forums; we’ve marched and protested and protested again… and again.

Now it is time to take this crash-course on Democracy and Revolution 101, and turn it into living breathing connections – offline and into the wild blue yonder.

In that spirit Women’s March on Washington has released the second of their 10 actions in 100 days: Huddle! The idea is very simple- gather a few friends for an informal conversation/action plan, within Feb 1-11, and make concrete next steps.

On their site, you can register your huddle group or register to lead a new one in your neighborhood. If leading isn’t your ish, you can pop in your zip and find a huddle already waiting for you. The site also has a great step-by-step for the entire process and even an agenda of what to do once you get together.

The outcome is simple enough too – meet some new people, get to know old friends better and walk away with one action you can all devote effort to for the following week.


Action & Organization

HUDDLE with a group that is already set up – or create your own and pick a date between now and Feb 11th. All the steps are laid out, even the agenda. Just bring snacks, yourself and a mind ready to get down to business! – Women’s March on Washington

DOWNLOAD the app (if you haven’t already) and post in the forum about your huddle so you can inspire others across the nation.

Ready? – And BREAK!

(See what we did there? Like football… because of the Super Bowl… we’re tricky like that.)


Photo Credit: Women’s March on Washington

2 thoughts on “Day 19: Huddle Up!

  1. Curiosity about the Universe says:

    I am very inspired by marching at WMW – I am a long time Activist for Civil Rights, registering African American voters in the 1970s. Marching for freedom of Wilmington 10 – of NC.

    Marching for Haitian Refugees whom were sent back to Haiti, in 1980s. Marching in every DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR, BIRTHDAY, with Congressman JOHN CONYERS, JR, and Stevie Wonder. Honorable Conyers introduced legislation to make Dr. King national holiday, until it became a law. STEVIE WONDER wrote the beautiful song, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – That took about 10 years.

    Marching at all the National Marches for women, in Washington, D.C. and particularly, “Move On” – that was an amazing and inspiring march.

    Marched in front of South African Embassy. We were against Apartheid system in South Africa in support of the African National Congress (ANC).

    As a 13 year old, I was fortunate to be in a small group of Middle students (with teacher, Mr. Bruner of Vineland, N.J.), as we started the first NAACP YOUTH GROUP IN VINELAND, NJ.

    Yes, I come from a family of Teacher (grandfather), Seamstress, Cooks, and Child Caregivers (grandmothers) and Union Organizer and church Deacon (father). Clothing worker for Army unions for military during the Viet Nam War.

    Yes I did. Yes I can. Yes I will.

    I thank my grandmothers; LAURA GRAHAM HANNAH and LULA THOMPSON BOOSE for living examples to me the fierce and fighting African American woman I am.


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