Day 20: Rise with Standing Rock

Day 20 Action:

The (evil) genius behind all the outrageous actions of this administration is that they’re all happening at once. This is what never happens in a movie. The good guy takes on one bad guy at a time. But in a real fight, you wouldn’t wait for one attack to be over before it was your turn, would you? You’d just slam the good guy (The American People) with everything you have, all at once.

So while we become indignant over one story of the day – three more slide right by us. Even with our 24-hour news cycles, it is just too much to focus on. Evil. Genius.

So today we are all enraged by Senator Warren’s treatment on the floor last night. And  we are on the edge of our seats regarding the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit hearing on the Travel Ban last night, and we’re all calling our Senators to tell them to #StopSessions.

With all that going on you might have missed that yesterday the Army Corps of Engineers told Congress that it intends to allow the easement that will make way for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Now this could begin as early as this spring. And there are reports from Chase Iron Eyes (Lead Council for Lakota People) that as early as February 22nd the Army Corps of Engineers plans to  evacuate areas of the camp.

On Jan 27th, Day 8, we posted Keep Standing With Standing Rock with ways you can donate and organizations that are coming to their aid. But below find some more, timely actions to take.

Further Reading

Army Corps of Engineers and DAPL timeline of events – CBS News

A live FB message from Chase Iron Eyes (Lead Council for the Lakota People) yesterday.

4 Key Impacts of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline – National Geographic

Action and Organization

FIND A PROTEST HAPPENING TODAY (Facebook “NoDapl Event” search) Across the country people are Standing with Standing Rock, today.

MARCH on Washington with the Native Nations March 3, 2017. Stay tuned to @StandingRockST and search for it via #NativeNationsMarch #RisewithStandingRock

PETITION Tell your representative to speak out against this greenlight by the Army Corps. -Via Lakota People’s Law Project.

SUBMIT A PUBLIC COMMENT for DAPL EIS- The Department of the Army is still accepting comments through February 20th.

HASHTAG your messages with #NoDAPL, #StandWithStandingRock, #RiseWithStandingRock, #WaterisLife, #DeFundDAPL,

DEFUND the banks that are funding these pipelines. Call the banks and close your accounts, all banks and guide in that link (from Yes Magazine) -Just as The City of Seattle did with a 9-0 vote.

GENERAL STRIKE 2/17, 3/1, 4/25, 4/29

DONATE to the Lakota People’s Law Project and other organizations.

Extra Credit

UPDATE– the WH line is not taking any calls! We are open to ideas as to how to reach the President in its stead. Should we all call Trump Hotel in DC? 

I mean, it has his name on it… 


Call the White House since the President doesn’t think this is controversial or that anyone called to fight it, let’s do just that.

Call the President, White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111


Photo Credit: Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

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