Day 22: The Guidebook, Indivisibly Speaking

Day 22 Action:

They say that during times of hardship, creativity takes hold and from the turmoil great and lasting art flourishes. Which is good news, or at least a silver lining for artists. But for others; those Type A, list-loving organizational-ists, (and those Type-A, list-loving artists) a detailed agenda works better… a guide if you will.

What started as one Google Doc created by former progressive congressional staffers, in response to the results of the election, has turned into a world-wide movement lead by these same brilliant volunteers.

The Indivisible Guide is a step-by-step manual on fighting back. From grassroots advocacy to how to deal with your elected officials, to joining (or starting) a group and then how to make that group effective and productive – The Indivisible Guide is certainly a manual we should all be familiar with.

While we are a nation of many peoples, beliefs, priorities, economic and social backgrounds – millions are rising up and though the paths that lead each of us to The Resistance are too numerous and diverse to mention – to really affect change in this topsy-turvey world we’ve all awoken to, we’re going to have to come at it with all the resources available to us. So no matter how you got here, or whatever group brought you to the party – we must all come together and learn from each other and become stronger for it.

Actions and Organization

VISIT and read on-line, download and print, listen to the audio book, or read in Spanish the Indivisible Guide.

CHECK OUT their other invaluable resources, which include, but are not limited to; scripts, the Congressional Calendar, a Congressional Cheat Sheet, a video on the guide and a tool kit for group leaders.

FIND A GROUP (or register your own) and get involved with people in your neighborhood who are actively making change happen.

FOLLOW the Indivisible Team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

DONATE via ActBlue to help them keep the resources going.

SHARE with your friends and pass on the guidebook and #StandIndivisible


Photo Credit: Indivisible

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