Day 23: Sweet and Simple Saturdays – A Calendar

We made it! Another week down. High-fives all around! Hopefully you can find some moments of rest and replenishment over the next two days.

This morning, while you’re sipping your coffee, pulling your Style section out from all the serious news which you already know, because we’ve all been watching non-stop, to dip into something lighthearted about some fabulous artists making their dreams come true and the world more beautiful for the rest of us; here is something short and sweet, yet essential, to go along with the funnies and your danish.

The Resistance Calendar

Make sure your local group is aware of the calendar then post your events and stay on top of ones already planned- around the world (go Amsterdam!)

Extra Credit:

Once you rest up, maybe you feel like a walk… with a poster – because today there are nationwide rallies to deFEND Planned Parenthood – as there are also national rallies to deFUND it. Check the calendar (and Facebook) for details.


Look, a flower.

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