Day 24: Acts of Kindness Sundays – Turn the world kind for a week #RAKweek2017

Day 24 Action:

Who wants just one day of kindness when this week you can fill EVERY day with it? February 12-18 is Random Acts of Kindness Week 2017; thanks to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

So today, visit their site, sign up (just name, email and your city) and get access to personalized FB graphics and a full social media kit to spread the word; great for teachers, businesses AND awesome individuals just like you (yes, you).

It even has lists of suggestions for acts, here are a few of our favorites (under individuals):

  • Place a positive body image notes in jean pockets at a department store. (jean-ious)
  • Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter.
  • Encounter someone in customer service who is especially kind? Take an extra five minutes to tell their manager. (For those of us who have ever worked a customer service job)
  • Send a ‘Thank you’ card or note to the officers at your local police or fire station. (Especially if they were recently awesome during your town’s marches)
  • Write a positive comment on your favorite blog, website, or a friend’s social media account. (Not that we’re fishing for anything here).
  • Take flowers or treats to the nurses’ station at your nearest hospital.
  • Have flowers delivered to your local senior center with instructions to be given to whomever they believe needs it most. (This one is WKTB tried and approved)

The site is also a great year-round resource for AOK. But let’s all start with just one week of spreading kindness, who knows where it could take us.



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