Day 25: Learn from Europe

Day 25 Action: Learn from those who have been here and #RESISTed this.

There were those talking about it during the election and there are those just starting to see it now, and still those who have yet to understand and accept the facts; this president yearns for authoritarian rule. He may never call it that, but let’s be clear, what this president is after, the way he has ruled his businesses (and is only ever too happy to tell you about it) is an authoritarian regime. We aren’t trying to be dramatic, it would be nice to put any other word instead of regime after that first word – but you legitimately can’t, because once you use authoritarian, democracy has left the building.

And though millions of us in the U.S. are reeling from the changes that have deftly taken place in our country, in the short time that this administration has taken office, many of our friends in Europe are only all too familiar with the formula that has been put into action.

One such European is Martin Mycielski.  A Polish-born activist with a professional career in political communications and campaign management, as well as a contributor for POLITICO (among many other laurels) who has created the #LearnfromEurope website. This site’s only goal is to broadcast The Authoritarian Regime Survival Guide. It is simply constructed to get across basic facts, written in concise statements, garnered from the pages of history (long ago and just yesterday). All broken into four pages:

  • Year 1 Under Authoritarianism: What to Expect?
  • Authoritarianism Checklist
  • 6 RULES for Survivial Under Authoritarian Regime
  • 7 RULES on Approaching Authoritarian Supporters

And if you think we, or any of the millions around the world who believe this to be true, are being dramatic, here are just a few tripwires listed under the Authoritarian Checklist:

□ Win elections on fear & populist promises
□ Reclaim power for the People from the “elites”
□ Place cronies in positions of highest power regardless of their competence
□ Purge highest positions in key government institutions
□ Brush off any critical press as “fake”, “corrupt”, “acting against the People”
□ Fix highest court to be able to bypass Constitution “for the good of the people”

If any of this is starting to sound familiar – good, because this is not a drill and if given anymore of an inch than he’s already hoodwinked from the American People, this president, and those he has surrounded himself with and handed extreme power to, will take it all away from everyone they can, regardless of race, religion or creed. Because the only thing that totalitarian leaders care about is who is in their way, and how can they obliterate them.

We apologize for the dour note, first thing on a Monday morning, but as mentioned above, this is not a dress rehearsal. If you need a break, find a nice paper bag to slowly breathe into while you peruse the Happy Heartbeat page… then get back to business.

Action and Organization

VISIT and read all 4 pages.

SHARE this knowledge with your groups, friends, family and social media. #LearnfromEurope

FOLLOW Martin on Twitter because it’s nice to continue to get outside perspective.

FOLLOW Joy Reid, as her account is where we first learned of #LearnfromEurope.

Don’t let them divide you – remember you’re one People, one Nation, with one common good.


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