Day 26: #UnfollowDT and Take Some Power Back

Day 26 Action:

Stop feeding that ego.

No matter where you get your news, no matter which paper you scroll through or which cable news station you binge on, or which country you come from – everyone but everyone knows that size and numbers matter to our President.

Numbers, ratings, screen-time, glory (and little else) matter to him. And because all of our lives are intrinsically linked to his by everything this administration says, threatens, does, and doesn’t do – we all have to watch and listen and read everything that streams from the White House (or a mic-grab at a Mar-a-Lago wedding). And it feels like we can’t get away. Like we don’t have much of a choice. If we want to stay on top of Congress and the White House and the President, we have to pay attention, and they know this.

So let’s take some power back. But maybe you are thinking “Yeah, but I’m just one person, what can I do?” And then as soon as that thought solidifies into your mind, you are instantly bitch-slapped across your medulla oblongata with the crystal-clear memory of when MILLIONS of one-persons showed up on January 21st, around the world (one FULL million just in D.C. since we’re talking numbers) and then you are emboldened once more: your actions make a difference.

In that mindset, a new Twitter account has been created to take a little of that power back.


@RSSTrump real-time tweets all of @realDonaldTrump’s proclamations so that we can unfollow him while still staying aware. You can even reply to him, from this account. It’s like when cops put a perp (we watch Law and Order, we know the lingo) behind a two-way glass.  He’ll still be in his own little world, and we can all still stay on top of his antics, but he won’t see us… and therein lies the rub. Because he cares about these things. This is what really matters to him. We know it doesn’t seem like much to you – but you are a sensible person who really cares about their family and friends and the state of this nation. We have to stop thinking like rational people, and start thinking like him. And this will get to him.


If you think he doesn’t check that # during Morning Joe commercials… you are mistaken.


UNFOLLOW @RealDonaldTrump – Take a deep breath and take some power back.

FOLLOW @RSSTrump. It just began this past weekend. Here is your chance to get in on something hip and fresh and you can be all “I was totally the 75th follow.”

MAKE yourself a certificate, because you deserve recognition.

SHARE this with friends wherever you can #UnfollowDT. If you really want to have some fun use the #MakeTrumpNutso. Tweet it to out to all the people you’ve been following who you know would care.

Start some chatter in the direction of people with a really big platform (Of course we’re fans of the below and they take this stuff seriously):

Go a few steps further and only refer to the President by the office: this Administration or this White House. It’s not a Voldemort thing – he likes his name too much. He has it leering over cities and countries 40 feet tall. Take that power back in whatever way works for you. No matter who the person in the oval is- we can all still respect the office. Because the person is temporary, but the office is an institution which, God willing, will be there long after he’s gone.


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