Day 27: Don’t Be Stirred by their Crazy – Here Are This Week’s Important Actions

Day 27 Actions:

Ok, it’s only Wednesday but there is much to do – today’s post is a literal, virtual, cornucopia of actions. With everything coming out of 1600 Penn Ave. and 1100 S. Ocean Blvd.- it’s almost like they’re doing their best to make sure you get bogged down in the Mar-a-Lago-nuclear-football-facebook-posting-international-security-on-world-display-Flynn-“Resigns”-Is-Russia-in-the-White-House-Stephen-Miller-hasn’t-changed-since-high-school-Democratic-leaders-are-supposed-be-questioned-and-can’t-be-right-100%-of-the-time-#Congressdoyourjob STORM OF CRAZY, so you forget the battles that we need to be fighting this week. Here are a few actions to keep you centered (like Senator Al Franken playing the part of Senator Interrupted during the Sessions Hearings… #AlFrankenIsMySpiritAnimal):

Actions and Organizations

Call your Senators and urge them to:

  • Oppose Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary (for a myriad of reasons) because we have a real chance to block this nom. Especially if you live in South Carolina or Georgia (or Maine or Alaska – or ever did or think one day you might visit): 
  • Tim Scott (R, SC)
    (803) 771-6112
    (202) 224-6121
    Johnny Isaakson (R, GA)
    (202) 224-3643
    (770) 661-0999

This, not coincidentally, is the Daily Action by Daily Action. Definitely sign up for this if you have yet to do so. Just your phone and zip and then you get a text a day with a simple phone call action and a link to their FB blog to support the call to action.

Here is a continuously updated appointee tracker of the cabinet nominees and where they are in the process (WashingtonPost).

Friday’s Strike

This Friday is the (1st) nationwide General Strike. 100’s of groups around the nation have pledged to strike and it has been centralized by Strike4Democracy and endorsed by Women’s March and International Women’s Day. With all levels of our democracy and our civil rights under attack by this administration, “February 17th provides a beacon to those who are searching for a way to protect and defend our shared humanity.”

By making this stand, the idea is to send the message that, as a nation, we demand for this administration to:

  • “STOP the authoritarian assault on our fundamental, constitutional rights, the very principles that have truly made America great;
  • STOP attacking and victimizing women, Muslims, immigrants, racial and ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+ community, working families, journalists, and all who offer criticisms of the Administration’s policies including the U.S. judicial branch;
  • REALIZE that America’s true strength lies in the values of inclusivity not exclusivity.” -Strike4Democracy

The plan of don’ts: 

  1. DON’T work (if possible)
  2. DON’T purchase anything (go buy milk and gas today)

The plan of do’s:

  1. DO plan a day of service or get involved with a local group (FB General Strike search)
  2. DO Donate your lunch money to a worthy cause and use the #BreakLunch
  3. DO share what you’re up to with #GeneralStrike, #F17
  4. DO call/tweet etc your representatives and tell them why you’re striking.
  5. DO plan to get ready for an even LARGER mass strike on March 8th.

Some info on the Ten Biggest Labor Strikes in American History – 24/

Women’s March Action of the Week

STAY TUNED to for the next event, which is a tele-town hall call today at 8pm ET. Though the registration for it has closed –  check in for a live-stream and then recording of the call which will discuss how the WomensMarch is:

“launching a wave of thousands of grassroots-led protests, actions, and meetings directly engaging Members of Congress during the President’s Day Week, between now and Feb. 26th.

On the kickoff call, you’ll hear directly from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, Leah Greenberg of Indivisible, leaders from the United State of Women, and Women’s March co-chairs Bob Bland and Carmen Perez, about how you can take local action to stand up and fight for equality, justice and freedom.

Stay tuned for an action map, action guides, talking points and more coming to this page soon…”

#WomensMarch !


Today 2/15, 5pm at the White House: Build Movements Not Walls.

Created by: AMP, FOSNA, Jewish Voice for Peace, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Code Pink, PCAP



One more time for the cheap seats in the back!

Be like Al. Al is one with his mission – and that mission is: “I will not be stirred by your bullshit. Can I please get back to work?” #AlFrankenIsMySpiritAnimal



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