Day 29: Make it Stop – Today

Day 29 Action:

Hey, remember when the world thought that Nixon was the biggest embarrassment and traitor in our modern history? Well that guy actually created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. And actually, upon realizing that his cabinet didn’t have the knowledge on the subject to do it justice, he ordered a commission to investigate the need for a cleaner environment… and now we have one.


You heard it here- Tricky Dick, Defender of the Clean Air and the Blue Water… not that water… it’s a different wat- nevermind.

And then you woke up in 2017. Where Congress has decided they’ve had enough of the breathing easy and the non-cancerous water (mostly, sorry Michigan) and the endangered species list and, what was that last thing? Oh, the EPA. Not just that but our President has chosen for the head of this, apparent, nonessential agency, Scott Pruitt, the AG from Oklahoma; brought to you by the Koch Brothers and Oil, and also more Oil. He’s previously sued the EPA and been turned down by the Supreme Court over limits to silly things like neurotoxins in the air we breathe and the water we drink and bathe in.

And last night the Senate Democrats held the floor all night and provided a superlative education (DeVos should take notes) on the dire need for the person heading this agency to actually CARE about the ENVIRONMENT. Silly, really.

And TODAY – they are to vote. The Dems who were up all night are arguing that the emails that prove him unfit for this office, won’t be available until Tuesday (due to a court order). Senator Jeff Merkley (OR) JUST (9:40 am ET) called for a vote to postponed until March 3, then Feb 27th, but the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, objected, both times. Then to postpone the debate for 248 hours until the evening they return from recess, so the emails will have been read by then- and the Majority Leader objected.

The vote will happen at 12:30 pm today, after 4 minutes to debate.


10 Reasons to Oppose Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt Goes to Court

H.R. 861 to Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency

Actions and Organizations:

Call your senators this morning and say NO to Scott Pruitt. Even if they’re voting no, call to say thank you. They held floor all night long trying to protect our children’s children,;today is Random Acts of Kindness DAY – so, say thanks.

While you call them tell them you also oppose (the above bill and):

H.R. 717 – Amending the Endangered Species Act, to add a cap to how many and enable Congress to remove a species “as expeditiously as possible”

H.R. 424 – Gray Wolf State Management Act

H.J. Res 69 – … It’s a long title, it boils down to “I get to shoot a mamma bear, from a plane, who lives on a wildlife refuge”

When the person answering the phone tells you that 69 only affects Alaska, tell them that’s bullshit and as a citizen of America, they can be sure that it will influence your vote just as much as if you lived there.

Extra Credit:

Are you tired and listless after a long day of trying to keep up with your Commander in Chief? Do you poop out at parties because you knew about the horrible thing he tweeted but missed the insane thing that one of his staff members said on Morning Joe? Well know you can stay informed without also employing all the late night study tactics of your miss-spent college days (pop tarts and mountain dew, amirite?)

There’s THIS SITE – FYI, the name of the site is Not Safe For Work – but it appropriately encapsulates how we all feel by the end of the day.  Also you’re striking today anyway, right? (Don’t worry, if you missed today, you have time to properly prepare before the March 8th Strike.)

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