Day 30: Sweet and Simple Saturday – Find Next Week’s Town Hall Meeting

Day 30 Action:

Drinks all around! We made it to the first 115th Congressional Recess! Huzzah!

Well, most of us did… a moment for those we left behind:


Micheal T. Flynn … … … Andrew Puzder

Anyone else think Hardees should start selling a Flynn-Puzder-Thickburger?


Let’s not forget Truth and Justice.
Look at Truth, she so saw this one coming:
“Really guys? In 2017, really?”

It’s been 30 days and they only have “The American Way” to go. Maybe Morning Joe isn’t the only show he watches…


Sorry, it was a long week, and apparently it’s made us a little… something.

So, starting today, all of our representatives are (supposed to be) heading home to reconnect with their constituents (us knuckleheads who voted for them). And for a full week they will (should) be in their hometowns, in their hometown offices, and holding Home Town Hall Meetings.

For everyone itching to do more than be rebuffed by a full voicemail, every day, here is your (our) chance! And thanks to the shock and awe campaign of the President’s… campaign (which he just can’t seem to quit), MANY people have been inspired to take their intimate knowledge of the political beast and share it with all of us!

From how-to find these meetings, to how-to ask great questions, and hold our elected numbskulls accountable – it’s all just waiting for you to click on in.

Actions and Organizations:

“There is no better way to influence your representatives than in-person conversations. Town halls are a longstanding American tradition–where our elected representatives must listen and respond to the concerns of their constituents. Remember: you are their boss.” –

SEARCH for a meeting near you. FOLLOW them on Twitter.

Your representative isn’t holding a town hall you say?

VISIT Indivisible and check our their sage advice for inviting your reps, alerting the media and holding them accountable. FOLLOW them on Twitter (you’re so hip and with it.)

Check out your Rep’s Facebook page and website too – if they aren’t having a face to face, (some people can’t handle the heat) they might also be having a conference-call type meeting, something is better than nothing.

Now, find a sitter – or bring the kids and threaten to leave them there if you don’t get a straight answer on Russia. Whatever works.

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