Day 32: WKTB 30-Day Recap (1) – All Actions Listed

Day 32 Action:

We created this website as a way to find control. To provide action. To be something of a centralized location for all of the amazing resources, created by even more amazing patriots, helping all of us to make an America we can be proud of again.

It’s been a lot of work, but freedom has never come free or easy. It’s work we’re honored to do if it helps one person a day, find even one action that gives them control and the ability to take a stand, to use their very important voice in our democratic Republic. The response from all of you Action Taker/Makers, has been inspiring. Thank you. We hope we’re adding to the fight.

With that in mind, we thought each month (every 30 days or so), we’d make a singular post with all of the resources we covered that cycle. You can always visit Actions by Levels for a running list, and Resources for a similar, non-level list; but here are the actions from our first 30 days, or so. #wekeepthebeat #alternativeacts #resist #keepresisting #theresistance.

See the very end for our special salute to this National Holiday.

Actions and Organizations:

The initial call/response to action: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Day 4  Be Counted for the Women’s March.
(Our days are counted from Jan 20th (1) when this Administration began. Forgive us, it took a few days to get WKTB up and running.)

Day 5 Vote DeNo on DeVos

Day 6 Create an account at and create custom alerts on bills and your Reps.

Day 7 Donations for the Southern counties/states demolished by tornadoes.

Day 8 Keep Standing With Standing Rock

Day 9 Sweet and Simple Saturdays: Spread the word, Obamacare enrollment ends Jan 31.

Day 10 Acts of Kindness Sundays – Reach out to one of your anchors, and let them reach back.

Day 11 Re-Cap from the Weekend: The Immigration Ban

Day 12 Blue Wants You! Run for Office: Here are the people who want to help you do it.

Day 13 Women’s March Action of the Week: Send Postcards, be a Ninja.

Day 14 Just 5 Calls

Day 15 We’ve Got Countable, How ‘Bout You?

Day 16 Sweet and Simple Saturdays: 3 Petitions; Nature Conservancy, Demand to Release our President’s Tax Returns, Save PBS Kids.

Day 17 Acts of Kindness Sundays: Say Something Nice

Day 18 Learn about HR 490 “The Heartbeat Bill” – Ending ALL abortions at 6.5 Wks.

Day 19 Women’s March Action of the Week: Huddle Up!

Day 20 Rise with Standing Rock – Legal Funds, Eviction Notice Feb 22

Day 21 Take Back the House in 2018 with

Day 22 The Guidebook, Indivisibly Speaking

Day 23 Sweet and Simple Saturdays: The Resistance Calendar

Day 24 Acts of Kindness Sundays: RAKWEEK2017

Day 25 #LearnFromEurope – Authoritarianism is not a joke and it’s here.

Day 26 #UnfollowDT and Take Back Power: @RSSTrump Follows so you stop feeding that ego.

Day 27 Don’t Be Stirred By Their Crazy There is Work to Do: Pudzer, Friday’s General Strike, Women’s March Call, March in DC and #AlFrankenIsMySpiritAnimal

Day 28 #WeDemandAnswers Demand an independent investigation into #RussiaGate, #RussiaInTheWhiteHouse at your Town Halls during #recessweek #reclaimrecess

Day 29 Make it Stop – Today: #PolluttingPruitt, Bills attacking Wildlife/Endangered Species and Thank Nixon.

Day 30 Sweet and Simple Saturdays – Find Your Town Hall This Week With

Day 31 Acts of Kindness Sundays – Take a few moments to rest, rejuvenate and renew with meditation (even if you never have).

Happy President’s Day


Top Photo Credit: StillHere_org, Instagram

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