Day 33: Brick by Brick, We Build a Wall-of-Us

Day 33 Action:

Happy already Tuesday to you! Did you have a lovely #NotMyPresidentsDay? Did you find time to rest and rejuvenate so that today you awake with a renewed sense of “come at me brah”*? We hope so.

It’s been a month now that we’ve all been living in this new, extremely woke, world and still, millions of people, worldwide, are getting up every day to purposefully stand up for those who look nothing like them and believe differently than they, in a beautiful unfurling of each of our inner, to put it one way: Tiger Moms, Tiger Dads, and Sisters, Brothers, Neighbors, Friends, and even Tiger Dude Down The Street Who You Weren’t Sure About But You Totally Saw Him At A March. All of us have come out and continue to stay out under the banners of love of country, doing what is right, and just plain love. Each of us a seemingly small voice, but together we’re building The Resistance.

And because there are millions and millions of us, there is no end to the support that you will find if you’re looking to add your brick to this wall of defiance, this Wall-of-Us.

Action and Organization

Wall-of-Us was created by two lawyers, Amelia Miazad, an Afghan-born American and Kara Ganter, a Wisconsin-born American, who, like the rest of us, were living accomplished and productive lives with a mostly citizen-normal relationship towards politics – until they had their “Oh, no they did not!” moment.

Their Mission: To make it simply irresistible for Americans to become active participants in our democracy.

Their process: To send you one email a week, with four concrete actions you can take to stand up for what is right and just and American.

The beauty of their viewpoint is that they go deeper than just contacting your MoC, or Member of Congress. Their actions run the gamut: showing up, reaching out, getting your hands dirty. They began in November – so there’s a wonderful archive of past actions to swim in as well. Some of them are timely, but as we’ve seen, The Resistance is already making a difference. So if there is a noise to be made, keep making it. Keep building those bricks.

VISIT Wall-of-Us and sign up for their newsletter, FOLLOW on Twitter and check them out on Facebook.

*WKTB acknowledges the brah’s before The People position of this White House.

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