Day 34: #PrayforStandingRock

Day 34 Action:

They have been fighting for their only right they have left, for us to take, since August. And today another battle will be lost for them. Today, at 2:00 P.M. Mountain Time – the Camp at Standing Rock will be forcefully evicted from their own land, again.

Not at all unrelated, the fact that this travesty is happening today, inside the borders of our beautiful and God-fearing nation; and our nation and our government has had months to stop it, seems to have something to do with our priorities as a nation, as is evident from this morning’s Trending now on Twitter.

And though it may seem like this fight has been lost – it still isn’t over. Even if you weren’t able to hop a plane and physically stand with them, as so many of us were not. We can all still do our part to help our brothers and sisters.

Standing Rock Women.png

Video released by the Standing Rock Women


Letter released by Chief Arol Looking Horse

Ways We Can all Still Help:

Today at 2:00 p.m. Mountain #PrayForStandingRock. Let’s make that trend over National Margarita Day, for goodness’ sake.

If you are able, at that time – take a moment and pray, send good juju, hope them well, send positive vibes of love and compassion for the people that our government has continually turned their back on in another moment of dire need for them.


Tell pro-DAPL union officials to end their support:

  • AFL-CIO: Richard Trumka – 202-637-5000 |
  • Teamsters: Kara Deniz – 202-624-6911 |
  • Building Trades: Tom Owens – 202-756-4623 | towens@buildingtrades.orgLIUNA
  • Terry O’Sullivan – 202-737-8320 |
  • UA: Mark McManus – 410-269-2000 | 

Keep Donating


Photo Credit: Pray, Police and Protestors, Women of Standing Rock

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