Day 35: Be a Witness to #StandingRocksLastStand

Day 35 Action:

Today an injustice, the likes of which we don’t get to see every day, without an Andrew Jackson hunting time-machine, is happening on American soil. Well it’s really on Sioux soil. Native soil. Their soil. Not Ours soil. However you want to put it, it’s wrong and it’s happening live and we can’t do anything to stop it but we can be a witness to this moment in history and say I’m still standing with you. We’re here and your fight hasn’t been in vain; your efforts aren’t for nothing. We, The People, are with you.

It’s not being covered by the 24/hr, billion-dollar bankrolled news networks.  It’s being covered by Unicorn Riot, an independent, non-profit (two guys and a camera) news source, and Buzzfeed- you know the one’s who report about everything you need to know about bad avocados.

Action and Organizations:

Live Stream it with the only media choosing to pay attention.

Unicorn Riot – Independent, non-profit, viewer sustained, media. (Who are doing an amazing job, btw.)

Johnny Dangers – Live-stream Facebook of a protester on the ground.

Buzzfeed, you know, Buzzfeed.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX … oh, no, you’re right – they’re too busy talking about which craptastic white-male racist from our current craptastic White House is going to show up to CPAC.


Because who has the TIME or money to just film ad nauseam about something as insignificant as Native rights/human rights being trampled on, in North Dakota, in 2017. And yes, they are in full military gear and vehicles.

Photo Credit: Still frame screen grabs from Unicorn Riot’s live feed.

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