Day 42: Use Your Passion for Good and #DeclareYourAmbition with IGNITE

Day 42 Action:

The International Women’s Movement of 2017 has been unparalleled in its size and scope; it has become a true world-wide phenomenon. We are at a time in our history where women are not only told that anything is possible, but they are actually achieving the (formerly) impossible each day; breaking barriers, attaining new heights, and having their voices, their opinions and their passions, heard and respected now, more than ever.

We do not use the word passion lightly. There are many out there (male and female) who think of it as merely an emotional adjective, but they do not realize that truly, it is also a powerful verb. As billions have witnessed in the past few months – what women possess in emotion and passion is no longer a fault or a vulnerability when participating in society- but a powerful tool of energized, serious action.

We are no longer allowing anyone to define us by their descriptors. No matter the context, we will take the evil nomenclature, flip it into our own powerful mantra and use it as a power for GOOD.

And while this movement is massive and a game changer – merely signing petitions and calling senators may not be all that is asked of you during this significant moment in history. There is still a pattern in our culture, within our country, to ask less of women, to think less of women and women, therefore, experience and achieve – less.

We must reach out from within each of our generations and each of our cultures and share our abundant knowledge and inspiration, so that this pattern can be broken and women, one tomorrow sometime soon, can truly achieve equality, and universally, we will all experience a better and brighter world than it was yesterday.

To achieve this massive (yet continually more attainable by the day) task – it requires women of knowledge, passion, compassion and purpose to do many things. Luckily, many things are on the menu. From: Running for office and holding elected positions; to inspiring the next generation of women through college and high school programs; discovering new avenues of learning for yourself and sharing this information with others; to (not so) merely creating a space of learning for your own daughters, nieces and granddaughters; there are so many ways to involve yourself in this goal.

Enter, IGNITE.

Actions and Organizations:


Started in Oakland, CA, and now also with offices in Colorado and Texas, IGNITE has been “Building a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders” since 2009. Founded on the belief that “until women have equal power, their rights will be ignored,” they train young women from high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. So far, they have helped to train over 5,000, women within their communities. Their founder and president Dr. Anne Moses, started IGNITE “to build political ambition when girls and young women are forming their identities and aspirations, and to forestall the fact that, without a significant intervention, the United States won’t reach gender parity for at least another century.”

Offering a huge host of opportunities to involve yourself in (not limited to):

  • State chapters
  • College chapters
  • High School / College Programming
  • Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Fellowships

They even provide guides for inspiring conversations and empowering your own daughters/family members, and a Living Room Conversation Tool to aid in bridging those cultures and generations which we all comfortably reside in.

Upcoming IGNITE Events

IGNITE California Conference – “Young Women’s Political Leadership Conference” Saturday, March 4, 2017. Registration is now closed, but stay tuned to their Blog, Twitter and YouTube with #IGNITE2017CA and #DeclareYourAmbition

WEBINAR REGISTRATION “Black Women in Politics: Barriers & Opportunities”
(A great chance for some of us to start bridging those barriers)
When: Monday 6, 2017
Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm EST (4:30 PST)
Moderated by: Margo McClinton Stoglin, IGNITE Texas State Director. Guests: Kimberly Peeler Allen from Higher Heights and Candice Quarles, DeSoto City Councilwoman


FOLLOW on Twitter

LIKE on Facebook and stay up to date with all of their events.


INVEST in the future generation of women political leaders

Explore their website and find ways to get involved. Do you KNOW a female elected official who has yet to get involved with IGNITE? There’s a section for that as well.

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