Day 43: Rise Stronger and Unite

Day 43 Action:

Their Vision: A nation of engaged citizens holding their government and leaders accountable.

Their Mission: To cultivate a movement of politically engaged citizens that can ensure the existence of a responsible, transparent, and accountable government that serves the interests of the American people.

Mission: Accepted.

Action and Organization:

RISE Stronger is a citizen watchdog organization of over 30,000 members, nation-wide. It was started by former White House Director for Iraq, in the National Security Council (NSC), Andy Kim.

Keeping grassroots activism at the heart of its work, RISE Stronger draws from a vast network of former White House and government officials and other policy experts to inform and augment the work of its members throughout the country. A network of local and state chapters, and an active online hub will serve as an incubator to new ideas and initiatives that propel forward the work of members and increase the engagement of Americans. – RISE Stronger

BOOKMARK their People’s Calendar so you can stay up to date with major #Resist events. Like the march in Selma, AL – tomorrow.

SIGN UP to receive their emails.

FIND NEW ORGANIZATIONS – They have a handy one-sheet, with organizations in The Resistance, broken into five categories: Get Involved with Elections; Take to the Streets; Engage in Action; Find a Group; Get Informed.

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As always, SHARE this information within your own community. #KnowledgeisPower


Photo Credit: RISE Stronger Facebook Page



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