Day 44: Sweet and Simple Saturdays – There’s an App for That (Pt. 1)

Day 44 Actions:

Happy Saturday to Everyone (of us not playing golf at our private business on the taxpayer’s dollar/time. So mostly everyone.)

Everyday The Resistance grows stronger and smarter. Here are some apps to help in that pursuit.

(All links lead to iTunes App Store, they should all be avail in Google Play too)

Actions and Organizations:

U.S. Constitution Analysis and Interpretation from the Library of Congress: Presents the full text of the Constutution and a clause by clause discussion of the entire document along with every Supreme Court case and selected historical documents relevant to interpreting the Constitution. You can perform keyword searches and save as PDF. Complete with Index and even the list of all proposed amendments not ratified by the states, y’know, like the ERA.

Presidential Actions notifies you every time a Presidential Action is made. Or more accurately, whenever the White House updates heir website to include it (which is not always same day, as we’ve seen). But it is a nice resource to have on your phone: a log of all the crazy the President’s pen can disperse.

Congressional Record, from the Library of Congress: contains the debates, proceedings and activities of the Congress of the United States. In four parts: House, Senate, Extension of Remarks and Daily Digest. From January 1995 through present day.

Women’s March: PH Balanced for a woman, strong enough for ALL of America. If you’re unaware, there is still a strong and vibrant forum happening in there. A great place to stay supported and inspired, and stay aware of national happenings.

Extra Credit:

True Costs of Repeal: Republican Plans to Repeal the Affordable Care Act Will Harm Every Congressional District – Democratic Staff Memo from U.S. House of Representatives

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