Day 45: AOK Sundays – Make Your Loose Change Work for Those in Need

Day 45 Action:

The brilliance of a great idea is its simplicity and effectiveness. Et voilà!

From the people of Random Acts of Kindness, proving RAK can be an everyday event, here’s a great idea for everyday. 

Gather up all the loose change in your life (kitchen, couch, car, bedside table, White House… oops! Silly WKTB, not loose marbles) and, save your quarters and dimes for a cause you believe in. Especially one that, due to current political climate conditions, may soon be under restrictions; like, say anything to do with the arts, female (and male) health services, conservation, clean water, international female (and male) health services, international clean water, equality, independant media, the support of Native Peoples, children’s education, and basic human decency. 

Pick a cause, any cause, and go deep- there have been a few big hitters in the news recently but there are so many amazing organizations who need our help everyday.

Check out Charity Watch for a list of groups who do the most with the money you give. 

You can change your donation focus every month, or quarter.  Make it a family affair and go decorate a cute bowl or actual piggy bank at one of those paint your own pottery places. You could even get a group of friends together and pool your collections. Donate it in the name of Love and Courage and Togetherness. 

Gathering coins in a one-of-a-kind piggy bank with its own little pussy hat (omG, can you imagine?) may not seem like much, but altogether a little loose change here and a little loose change there can really add up to a lot of Good. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Lynne original from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea” 17 larger than life sculptures all constructed from plastic pollution recovered from the oceans. Spring 2016. 

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