Day 46: March 8 A Day Without A Woman

Day 46 Action:

This Wednesday is the International #DayWithoutaWoman #March8 #March8Strike. Here are the objectives as put forward by the Womens March:

  • Highlight the economic power women have. 
  • Bring attention to our demands to control our own bodies and be freed from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes. 
  • End hiring discrimination in all forms. 
  • To seek Gender Justice for all. 
  • An Economy with transparency of the mightiest to protect our weakest. 
  • To prove that citizens and workers have the right to organize and fight for fair treatment. 

Q: What are people going to do to observe A Day Without a Woman?

  • Women to refrain from paid and unpaid work (where able)
  • We ask all people to refrain from shopping in stores or online. Exceptions include local small businesses and women-owned businesses that support us. (#GrabYourWallet has a list of corporations we do not support throughout the year.)
  • Wear red in solidarity with the strike.
  • We ask that our male allies lean into care giving on March 8th, and use the day to call out decision-makers at the workplace and in the government to extend equal pay and adequate paid family leave for women. – Womens March

On the Womens March site is more info as well as a letter you can provide to your employer explaining your desicion and asking them to support you. 

For those of us already at home (not included in the paid workforce), abstaining from making purchases, wearing red and finding an event, or rally, or cause you can give your time or money to on Wednesday, is just as pointiant a way to stand up for your rights as any other. 

Places to Search for an Event:

The Resistance Calendar

RISE Stronger People’s Calendar


And if there isn’t anything near you- get crafty and invite some friends for a postcard writing party, go have a picnic lunch on the steps of your State Capitol with a few well-worded signs, make a donation to your favorite in-need cause, host a cat-hat knit-in. The possibilities for action are endless. 

#WhyIMarch #TheResistance #KeepShowingUp #WeWontStop

Instagram: Womens March Florida, Treasure Coast Chapter. wmw_florida

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