Day 47: Three Shells and a Peabrain – Tweet, Russia, GOP. Stay Educated

Day 47 Action:

The shell game is hundreds of years old. Hide the pea and guess which shell it’s under. It’s seen different forms over the years and has now evolved and landed onto the international stage of American Politics. A deck of cards on a folding table in Times Square or a sitting president ranting  wildly about his Oval predecessor one moment and his TV successor the next – they are both hiding something from you. The latter will just end up costing us much more in the end than a crisp twenty.

Russia is not a ruse. Russia is not fake news. All of the exclamations from Democrats and Independents in Congress to see his taxes and his financials is because everyone knows that all Trump roads lead to Russia. And if you thought our big money players knew how to hide and launder money, Putin and his gang are the top of that pack. Though you can’t find it on paper (because he’s that good) in 2015 he was considered 2.5 times as rich as Bill Gates and no matter your politics, one can only imagine that he has added to that fortune in the past two years.

None of this is going away. Which is why Trump becomes more unstable every day. Which is why he’s trying to get as much of his agenda done as possible in such a short amount of time. In WKTB’s opinion: this is anything that makes it easier to do business again once he’s finished with being President… though it will probably be hard to control his empire from within a federal penitentiary.

And it’s why the GOP and the White House want you to look the other way.  Yes, the GOP has control of Congress and they have their own agenda, but they are playing a very dangerous game of trying to sweep Russia under the rug in order to complete their vision for America.

So for the love of Country and all of our futures, don’t do that. Blue, Red, Green – whatever your party affiliations are, this should not be a partisan issue. Even if you voted for him. Even if you currently hold office in his party. That doesn’t mean that you should be blind to his transgressions. That doesn’t mean that we should allow him to betray America. And let’s be clear, all in Congress who step aside and allow him to transgress, will be held as complicit come elections.

For the People and By the People. Each of us have to take a stand and continue to educate ourselves about what is really going on. Who does this man really owe his allegiances too? Because if he has millions and millions of his money tied up with billions and billions of Putin’s… and if Putin has no problem assassinating those who he no longer has a use for … our wager is that allegiances to the USA comes at the bottom of his list.

Here are some ways to familiarize yourself with the very real facts surrounding Donald Trump, and his children, and his cabinet, and his empire – and now our country. Don’t stop here, keep searching for more information. Keep calling your Representatives and demanding independent investigations.

This will end badly for our President, one way or another. No flurry of tweets will save him, and sadly, possibly also his children, from very real, very permanent consequences.

We suppose the question is, how many of his family, his GOP sycophants, and his cabinet cronies are going to go down with him? We don’t necessarily mean jail; but into human history as Americans who sold out their country and all of us – for money and their brief shot at power.

Actions and Organizations:

READDonald Trump’s Worst Deal – Adam Davidson, The New Yorker (The Azerbaijan story) You’ve seen a lot of this today because it’s the very real black and white, international, legal wrongdoings of our sitting president.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow’s breakdown of infrastructure, dirty money, Azerbaijan and Trump. March 6, 2017

WATCH: Rachel Maddow’s interview with Adam Davidson and discussion of his article. March 6, 2017.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow’s show on The King of Fertilizer, his huge dirty money empire and Trump. February, 28, 2017.

READAll of the Trump Administration’s Ties to Russia (That We Know About)
Jack Holmes, Esquire

READWho’s Investigating Trump? – The FBI and 6 Committees of Congress
Masood Farivar, Voice of America (VOA)

READWilbur Ross, our Secretary of Commerce and his very real connection with Russian Dirty Money

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