Day 50: Russia, Russia, Russia (what Jan would say today)

Day 50 Action:

Better understand how Russia + Trump = Bad for America

There have been a few Russia:Trump diagrams going around the net, but sourcing them can be tricky and they can be confusing. Until NOW that is!

United States Congressman Eric Swalwell representing the 15th District of California – COME ON DOWN!

He and his, no doubt fabulous, team of researchers have put together an easily understood Thesis Paper on the who, WHY, what and more WHO of Russia:Trump; complete with visual diagrams perfect for printing to hang up on your crazy Trump❤Russia wall in your garage… we can’t be the only ones.

Connecting the Trump-Russia Dots by Rep. Eric Swalwell and Team.
Featuring such hits as: Russia: Not Our FriendRussia: Trump and His Teams Ties,

The truly glorious aspect of this report is  that it’s coming from an elected representative of Congress; the Senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, who oversees the CIA. Momma didn’t raise no dummy, ya dig?

Now WKTB lacks the resources and funds to properly tout how amazing this is, so at this time please use your magic brains to envision fireworks bombulating through a clear night sky and the pomp and circumstances of the 1812 Overture tantalizing your ear bones… boom.

Among other salient aspects of the Russia-Trump relationship, Swalwell separately connects 11 of Trump’s team to, not just Russia as a country, but Putin – the leader of the pack. It explains all of their REAL connections and even has a submission section if you know of something they’ve left out… this is not a report created by one group of people refusing to hear any other information that wasn’t self-discovered, all pertinent facts are welcome here!

This is our favorite part:

Why is America’s leader and his team so close to Russia? This is either due to poor judgement or a deeper personal, financial, or political link between President Trump and Russia. It is not normal for the leader of our country to be so extensively tied to a foreign government that has sought to undermine democracies across the globe, and connections like these should be concerning to American citizens everywhere. –Russia: Trump and His Team’s Ties

Hilarious, right?…It’s funny, because it’s true.

Under the Now What? Section you’ll also see how Rep. Swalwell and Rep. Cummings introduced H.R. 356: Protecting Our Democracy Act (to form an independent, bipartisan-appointed commission to investigate the Russian interference in our elections). It currently has 198 co-sponsors. If you’re keeping count, there are only 193 Democrats/Independents in the House… Just saying, this is, in fact, a bipartisan issue.

Thank you Representative Eric Swalwell, sadly none of our WKTB votes work in the 15th District of Cali, if only they were ours to give!

So check it out. And his Twitter account too. It’s official, WKTB has the good feels for Eric and has designated him as one of the #GoodGuysOnOurSide.

P.P.S. If you still aren’t sure about Swalwell, then maybe this fantastic photo-shoot he did for the NoH8 Campaign will push you over the edge- available in an 8×8 glossy for the hardcore fans.

Header Photo Credit: Rep. Eric Swalwell Official Site

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