Day 54: Feedback to GOP / Next Marches on DC and Your Town

Day 54 Action:

The GOP and the White House want to hear from YOU. Doesn’t that make you feel special? Well it should, you’re fabulous, everyone says so.

GOP First 50 Days Survey – So… How do you think they’re doing?

Obamacare: Share Your Story – They’re after the horror stories to buoy their agenda of scrapping the whole thing and installing their great plan… for big insurance company tax cuts… and no one else. So make sure to tell the positive stories you have.

Joint Address Feedback Survey – Did you not get a chance to tell the White House what a great job he did reading someone else’s lines off a prompter and acting like a grown-up for one night? Here’s their proverbial piñata, have a whack.

The Next Marches

Saturday April 22nd Science March – Appropriately on Earth Day. If you can’t make it to D.C. for this date, their site has a map with ALL the satellite marches. There’s probably one in your town, there’s one in China, so odds are good. If not, you should start one; your powers of Resistance know no bounds!

Saturday April 29th People’s Climate March – Organized by the Sierra Club in defense of  climate justice, environmental justice and climate jobs. This is not just about our climate as a universal whole, but on a more personal level, the policies of this administration are attacks on our world, our communities and our families.

Need a ride? Check out the Rally Bus website.

Between these two protests there will be a week of action items and events happening in D.C. Stay tuned to Sierra Club and WKTB for details.

Sounds like a good excuse for a vaca, right? We have free museums too, did you know that? If it says Smithsonian, it’s free. The Ruby Slippers, Mr. Rogers’ sweaters, spaceships, airplanes, dinosaurs, The National ZOO, and the Hope Diamond all in one town?! Throw in some protest marches and you’ve got yourself a good time!

We’re just saying, there are worst places to bookmark your weekends of protests.

The Lincoln Memorial. So pretty… and this is the backside! Just imagine what it looks like from the front. If you come to stand up for Science and the Climate- imagination be damned! 

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