Day 55: The Ides of Trump

Day 55 Action:

Today is the Ides of March. This was the day of doom for Julius Ceaser in 44 BC/BCE, and with that in mind The Resistance created The Ides of Trump to be honored- today.

The idea is simple: find a postcard / make a postcard, write it out to ol’ no. 45, send him a message of truth and Resistance and put it in the mail – voila! Your postcard will be one of millions headed, en masse, to The White House to tell the President, exactly what the citizens of this great country think of him and his administration.

The Resistance love in postcard form

From Twitter @MadasHellAction

There’s still time to get in on the action. Although you can find great postcard designs online, ANY postcard will do- it’s your message that counts. The only rule is no violence or threats, or insinuations of violence.

Actions and Organizations:

SEND the President your postcard(s).

The Ides of Trump main website complete with everything you need to know.

If you get a hankering for sharing your voice, don’t stop after today, keep it going all year through to the White House and Congress:

Women’s March website with print your own postcard options.

There are a lot of great designers on Etsy making postcards (search for Resist, persist, protest and march). Some will even hand deliver them for you.

UPDATETiny Hands Mail is a wonderful site where you can send a REAL postcard to ANY rep that you easily fill out ONLINE. Just a regular mom and dad trying to make a difference in The Resistance. Another of the #GoodGuysOnOurSide.
(It’s my new favorite toy, genius and so cathartic!)

Extra Credit – As THM is a mom and pop shop – if you get addicted (like I have) you can help make sure they keep on trucking by donating whatever you can.

A sampling of the #idesoftrump from social media…

Twitter @emilybiegel

Twitter @Detroit_Redhead

Women’s March App, Keri W.

Women’s March App, Jenne B.

Women’s March App, Peggy M.

Twitter @Alexx_taylor_4

Twitter @Fwolkin

Twitter @NaviNan33

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