Day 58: Sweet and Simple Saturdays: Acts of Mercy

Day 58 Action: 

The budget. Mulvaney and Ryan said it was “an act of mercy.”

It is always astonishing when bureaucrats use words as weighty and intimate as hope and mercy while at the same time speaking in national statistics, often unfathomable in their size and scope, built to create distance and cold resolution in the face of pain and suffering. 

It can really make them sound like dicks. 

Actions and Organizations:

SIGN the petition stating your support for Meals on Wheels. 

SIGN the petition from stating your support for PBS Kids. 

SIGN the petition to tell Congress we should protect The Cheseapeake Bay. 

SIGN the petition from The Sierra Club to Congress to Defend the EPA. 

SIGN the After School Alliance petition supporting after school programs across the nation. They are only asking for 2,017 signatures; The Resistance is so much stronger than that. 

Is there one of us who can say we never benefited from an after school program? If you did, sign it. If not, maybe that’s because the funding wasn’t there, sign it. 

No child ever became a better person due to less care and a lack of love. 

Information on after school meals and why they are important from people who actually have degrees in this. 

CALL your MoC and tell them you want them to support all of these programs in the name of mercy (It’s Saturday, you can leave a vm).

And as always kiddos, don’t forget about that pesky subject dragging down this presidency… oh, what was it again? It’s on the tip of my tongue… it rhymes with “The world believes our President has dangerous ties to Russia.” Oh, yeah! It was RUSSIA

Extra Credit: 

SIGN the petition to keep the NYC art installation “Fearless Girl” up, permanently.  You know, The Bull was only supposed to be there a week too.

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