Day 61: WKTB 30-Day Recap (2) All Actions Listed

Here we are again. Another 30 days of this Administration. It’s frustrating and exhausting, we know. But it’s also another 30 days filled with actions and activists who aren’t giving up, who refuse to stay quiet in the face of injustice and who remain indignant in the face of the audacious activities and attitudes of this White House and their most senior staffer. 61 days in and we aren’t going anywhere. Here was 32 – 60.

Day 32 – The first WKTB 30-Day Recap.

Day 33 – Brick by Brick, We Build a Wall-of-Us

Day 34 – #PrayForStandingRock

Day 35 – Be a Witness to #StandingRocksLastStand

Day 36 – Keep Resisting with Weekly Actions to Resist Trump

Day 37 – Sweet and Simple Saturdays: An atomic petition and a movie

Day 38 – Acts of Kindness Sundays: Make it RAINNNNN With Positivity – Guest Post

Day 39 – Congress is Back to Work, Stay Aware of the Machine & H.R. 610 Your Taxes Paying for Private Schools AND No More Good Food For Kids

Day 40 – Today He Gives His Version of a Report. Here are the Ways to Give Him Yours

Day 41 –  Protect Our Constitutional Right to Protest

Day 42 – Use Your Passion for Good and #DeclareYourAmbition with IGNITE

Day 43 – Rise Stronger and Unite

Day 44 – Sweet and Simple Saturdays – There’s an App for That (Pt. 1)

Day 45 – AOK Sundays – Make Your Loose Change Work for Those in Need

Day 46 – March 8 A Day Without A Woman

Day 47 – Three Shells and a Peabrain – Tweet, Russia, GOP. Stay Educated

Day 48 – Happy International Women’s Day / Day Without a Woman

Day 49 – March with Standing Rock 3/10

Day 50 – Russia, Russia, Russia (what Jan would say today)

Day 51 – Sweet and Simple Saturdays – Stop Abuse to Animals, Petition

Day 52 – Acts of Kindness Sundays – The Music of a Movement

Day 53 – The REINS Act – Passed the House, Over to Senate, look out American People: Here it Comes!

Day 54 – Feedback to GOP / Next Marches on DC and Your Town

Day 55 – The Ides of Trump (Links to TinyHandsMail and Etsy Shops send postcards all year long to everyone in Congress and the White House.)

Day 56 – Throwback Thursday – In Case You Missed These Resist Gems

Day 57 – Vote With Your Wallet

Day 58 – Sweet and Simple Saturdays: Acts of Mercy

Day 59 – Acts of Kindness Sundays – Carry Cash

Day 60 – Don’t Give Up.


Photo Credit: International Women’s Day, Philadelphia, Instagram @WeHaveTheBestWords via @mjhrdlicka








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