Day 61: WKTB 30-Day Recap (2) All Actions Listed

Here we are again. Another 30 days of this Administration. It's frustrating and exhausting, we know. But it's also another 30 days filled with actions and activists who aren't giving up, who refuse to stay quiet in the face of injustice and who remain indignant in the face of the audacious activities and attitudes of this White House and their most senior staffer. 61 days in and we aren't going anywhere. Here was 32 - 60.

Day 49: March with Standing Rock 3/10

The camp that was once Oceti Sakowin has been evacuated, bulldozed, and completely cleared of Water Protectors. But the fight still continues. But the battle is still real. They have called on all Native Nations. They need all of us. This is not just a Native American issue. It is for all Americans to stand with them. They are on The Mall in D.C. now. They March tomorrow.

Day 46: March 8 A Day Without A Woman

Day 46 Action: This Wednesday is the International #DayWithoutaWoman #March8 #March8Strike. Here are the objectives as put forward by the Womens March: Highlight the economic power women have.  Bring attention to our demands to control our own bodies and be freed from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes.  End hiring discrimination in all forms.  To seek … Continue reading Day 46: March 8 A Day Without A Woman