Money Talks

Here is the running list of ways you can take concrete steps to affect positive change in our country and your communities via putting your wallet where your heart is.

Level YUGE.

Day 7 – State Actions: South Hit Hard by Tornadoes.

Day 8 – Keep Standing with Standing Rock.

Day 11 – Donate to the the ACLU, CAIR, ADC, and NIAC to help fight the Un-American Immigration Ban.

Day 12 – Donate to any of these wonderful organizations and help the next, very deserving person, be elected to make all of our lives better.

Day 16 – After you’ve signed these three petitions, donate to the worthy causes.

Day 18 – Donate to the organizations vowing to fight for your rights and stop HR490, “The Heartbeat Bill”

Day 20 – #RiseWithStandingRock. There’s still time to make a difference. Contribute to their legal fund or the other organizations who desperately need our help.

Day 21 – Get involved with Swing Left and donate to democratic/progressive campaigns to help them defeat vulnerable republicans in 2018.

Day 22 – After you download the Indivisible Guide, for free, consider donating to help them out.