Reach Out

Here is the running list of ways you can take concrete steps to affect positive change in our country and your communities via phone calls, websites and mail-in efforts.

Level BIGLY.

Day 4 – Be counted for the Women’s March: Text COUNT ME to 89800 by 11:59 p.m. EST 1/24/16.

Day 5 – Call your Senators in Congress and vote NO to Betsy DeVos for Dept. of Education.

Day 6 – Quickly create an account at to stay on-top of our humble servants.

Day 8 – Keep Standing with Standing Rock.

Day 9 – Post, text, call and send a carrier pigeon to your family and friends to remind them that Obamacare open enrollment ends this Tuesday, January 31st.

Day 11 – Call your Senators and exclaim that the Immigration Ban is unacceptable and an affront to our American ideals.

Day 12 – Get involved with any of these organizations on any level to help YOU or someone else, very deserving, get elected to office!

Day 13 – Print and send in those Women’s March postcards. Fill your congressperson’s box, give them out to friends, just keep sending them in!

Day 14 – Just 5 Calls. That’s it. Easy. Peasy.

Day 15 – Create an account at Countable – get the app too. Citizen WIN.

Day 16 – Sweet and Simple Saturday actions with 3 petitions that matter a great deal.

Day 18 – Get involved with the groups that are trying to stop HR490. Spread the word on social media too.

Day 19 – Invite a few friends to Huddle up! Or simply type in your zip to find one waiting for you! Feb 1-11th.

Day 20 – #RiseWithStandingRock – There is still much to do – sign petitions and spread the word on social media.

Day 21 – SwingLeft and #TakeBackTheHouse in 2018. Help by making phone calls and get the word out with social media.

Day 22 – Get the Indivisible Guidebook and share the knowledge.

Day 23 – Stay in the loop with The Resistance Calendar.

Day 24 – #RAKWeek2017 Turn the World Kind for a Week

Day 25 – #LearnfromEurope and spread the word

Day 26 – #UnFollowDT and take some power back

Day 27 – Oppose Andy Puzder, Friday’s Strike #F17, Rallies and #AlFrankenisMySpiritAnimal

Day 28 – #WeDemandAnswers tell your reps that an independent investigation is needed into Russia and the President.

Day 29 – #PollutingPruitt, H.R. 717, H.R. 424, H.J. Res. 69, and thank Nixon.

Day 30 – Welcome to now find yours and lace up for next week #reclaimrecess. (Use this site often, not just for recess)

Day 32 – WKTB 30 Day Recap – ALL ACTIONS LISTED

Day 33 – WKTB Action Maker, we’d like to introduce Wall-of-Us, we know you’ll be best friends and build great things together.

Day 34 – #PrayforStandingRock as they are ordered to evacuate camp at 2pm MT today.

Day 35 – Be a witness to #StandingRocksLastStand Watch it via the only media that is covering it; Unicorn Riot and Buzzfeed.

Day 36 – Weekly Actions to Resist Trump comes to you once a week with one protest action and one financial action. Out of Boston, doing good so you can too.

Day 37 – Sign these petitions to save the world – then watch how they saved it in the 60’s.

Day 39 – Congress is back to work, time to #laceup! H.R. 610 your tax dollars for religious schools and also they’re repealing ESSA from 1965. That’s not good.

Day 40 – Today is the #JointSession address to Congress. That’s their version of how things are going. Here are ways to give yours.

Day 41 – 18 States want to pass laws to make it harder/illegal for you to peacefully assemble and protest, which is unconstitutional – but that’s not stopping them from trying. Be aware, call a Rep and say NO!