Show Up

Here is the running list of ways you can take concrete steps to affect positive change in our country and your communities via showing up and pitching in.

Off of a computer and into real life… don’t worry, you can bring your phone.


Day 12 – Run for office! You heard us. We believe in you and so do all of these handy organizations.

Day 19 – Huddle up! From Feb 1-11 meet with a group of friends or strangers about to be friends and make concrete plans and next steps. Complete guide and agenda from Women’s March in Washington.

Day 20 – #RiseWithStandingRock. There are protests happening around the country today, February 8th. Also more planned for the 11th and General Strikes called for on the 17th and throughout April as well.

Day 21 – Get involved with SwingLeft and #TakeBackTheHouse by volunteering for canvasing, volunteer in campaigns and help with events for progressives to take the House in 2018.