Why We’re Here


To be a place where The People can come to find credible information and actionable steps to counter the current administration’s climate of misinformation, lies, conflicts of interest, hate and exclusion. To be a source of news and action. To be a resource for all communities who wish to overcome and see America truly flourish and succeed as the land of hopes and dreams, once more.

About Us:

We are people who will not let our sad-hearts and turned-stomachs distract us from fighting for our country, where the self-evident truths of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness should be guaranteed for ALL. We believe in Alternative Acts, in Truth, Equality and Justice. We will not be silenced or ignored. We are the future and the heartbeat of this land. We are the Beat-Keepers.

— The First Post —

“Show me what democracy looks like!
THIS is what democracy looks like!”

Throughout the cities of our Earth this past Saturday, January 21, 2017; the streets were alive with the masses, robust, yet peaceful, clad in shades of pinks and reds, undulating for hours as the clogged streets and avenues rang loudly and proudly with a plethora of chants. Some funny: “Can’t build a wall! Hands are too small!” Some more serious than others: “Donald Trump, go away!  Sexist, racist, anti-gay!” But the most magic of words that could begin with just one voice and would immediately crescendo throughout the crowd, bellowing from each of our hearts, was this simple call and response:

Show me what democracy looks like!
THIS is what democracy looks like!  

Millions of us took to the streets this weekend, mad as hell, to peacefully demonstrate, in a real life, “this is not a drill,” test of our emergency response system of The People. It was proof of what our great and beautiful country is made of; is capable of; is for; is by.  It is for all walks of “men” who inherently believe that we were ALL created equal and have a right to pursue liberty and justice for ALL.

What a freaking rush right?!

We gathered! We listened to emboldened speakers who galvanized our many voices into one patriotic heartbeat! We marched! We chanted! We were noticed! We felt empowered!

And now it is a new day.

And now what are you going to do with that heartbeat?

I bet it’s still there- still ringing hard and fast and REAL just under your skin. Feel it. Put your hand on your heart and remember those moments on Saturday as you marched, as you listened, as you watched, as you read, as you – no matter how you were able – were a witness to history, continually in the making.

It’s still there, right?

You’re still here, yes?

Well so am I, Sister Suffragette. So am I, Fathers and Mothers who KNOW there is a better world. So am I, Brothers and Sisters and Sons and Daughters, and Cousins and Uncles and Aunts and Best Friends and Grandparents and Neighbors and Communities of anyone who is living a life that this Administration believes counts as less than their own. Who they believe deserves less.

Goodness knows We, The People, don’t agree with much that they, who currently hold the reigns of our country, do; but We can agree on one thing: Numbers Matter.

So, let’s not lose this rush, this momentum, this anger, this cry of freedom.

So, let’s show them what We are made of.

Let’s show them how many of us there are.

And then let’s see them do what they have been elected into public office for, and are so humbled and honored to perform … to fight for ALL of our rights.

So here I am- a person looking for action, just like you. A person praying that this fervor and this heartbeat continues to pulse, just like you.

And I find myself to be a person blessed to live in the city that’s supposed to make the good changes happen for the rest of us. So, I’m going to keep finding ways we can all take action, I’m going to share them here, and together we can keep coming together; showing them our hearts and our teeth and the strength in our proud and beautiful AND MORE PLENTIFUL numbers.

With Love,
Jessica Lynne and the WKTB Team

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