Day 61: WKTB 30-Day Recap (2) All Actions Listed

Here we are again. Another 30 days of this Administration. It's frustrating and exhausting, we know. But it's also another 30 days filled with actions and activists who aren't giving up, who refuse to stay quiet in the face of injustice and who remain indignant in the face of the audacious activities and attitudes of this White House and their most senior staffer. 61 days in and we aren't going anywhere. Here was 32 - 60.

Day 57: Vote With Your Wallet

In today's indignant political climate, do you know if the products you purchase and the companies you endorse, by wearing their brands and buying their merchandise, actually stand behind their emotional super bowl ads? Does your peanut butter brand source their cocoa from West African farms using child-slavery? Was your super chill outdoor gear actually made with cancer causing PFCs? Does your grocer support Trump?