Day 39: Congress is Back to Work, Stay Aware of the Machine & H.R. 610 Your Taxes Paying for Private Schools AND No More Good Food For Kids

So what are they working on that we should be aware of? So much, is the answer, and Congress is still working on confirmations of the President's cabinet - but today, know this: The first step is understanding how to navigate this huge confusing machine, also Congress wants to terminate the Elementary and Education Act of 1965. Happy Monday!

Day 35: Be a Witness to #StandingRocksLastStand

Today an injustice, the likes of which we don't get to see every day, without an Andrew Jackson hunting time-machine, is happening on American soil. Well it's really on Sioux soil. Native soil. Their soil. Not Ours soil. However you want to put it, it's wrong and it's happening live and we can't do anything to stop it but we can be a witness to this moment in history and say I'm still standing with you. We're here and your fight hasn't been in vain; your efforts aren't for nothing. We, The People, are with you.